Santa the Coca-Cola Claus


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Did you know that Santa didn’t look like the jolly fellow we know until the 1930’s. That was when Coca-Cola decided to make him an iconic figure usually posing with a Coke in hand. In 1931, the Coca-Cola company hired an illustrator, named Haddon Sundblom, to create their annual Christmas advertisements. He drew Santa as a merry figure with white flowing whiskers and a red and white suit to match the famous corporate colors.

In truth Santa evolved out of two religious figures: St. Nicholas and Christkindlein. St. Nicholas was a monk who became a bishop in the fourth century and was known for his generous gift-giving. Christkindlein from folklore, he was assisted by elfin helpers to deliver gifts to children while they slept.

For more fun facts about Santa Clause, read 5 Terrifying Versions of Santa Claus.

4 thoughts on “Santa the Coca-Cola Claus

  1. Wow I did not know that! My friend had said something about it last week but I was a little iffy about it. I think it is cool how Coke can say they came up with the idea of the iconic Santa Claus. I guess that is something they will always have on Pepsi! Haha! But I have some Christmas posts myself it would be cool if you checked mine out and told me what you think!


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