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Finally, a Drone You Can Own


Remote-controlled aircraft hobbyists have been trying to MacGyver small digital cameras to their airborne contraptions for years. Chinese manufacturer DJI has finally come along and rendered all that tinkering unnecessary, selling what’s essentially a flying camera ready-to-go out of the box: The DJI Phantom 2 Vision.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision


There’s an acronym in remote-controlled flying: “RTF,” or “Ready-to-Fly.” Many times, products advertise themselves as “RTF” when that’s really only half-true—but that’s not the case here. All you’ve got to do to get airborne with the Phantom 2 Vision is charge up the flight battery and Wi-Fi range extender, screw on its four propellers and pop four AA-size batteries into the controller. After you download and set up the mobile app and attach the range extender and phone clip to the controller, you’re clear for liftoff.


I’ve never met a remote-controlled aircraft quite this easy to fly. At two-and-a-half pounds, it…

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