What is LoopDoodle?

Have you heard of LoopDoodle?


     LoopDoodle is an online music mixer! We have been working on it to make it easier to use for all of our users, and this blog is going to be used to try and answer any and all of the questions that our beloved users may have! This particular post is to inform everyone about what our website is, following posts will get more in depth with specific aspects of our amazing web app. 




     When you first go to www.loopdoodle.com, this box will appear, it describes what LoopDoodle is and what it can be used for. To read it and play around on LoopDoodle just click this link and you can play for free! LoopDoodle gives you an amazing tool kit to use anyway you want to create tracks and share them with the LoopDoodle community, or with your friends on Facebook. 

   All you need to do is go to LoopDoodle and click on the “+” to add a track. You can search through thousands of snippets and add them to your workbench. You can cut parts of the snippet or extend the snippet as far as you want. Then you just click the “+” again and keep adding tracks till you have a wonderful creation of your own. Once you are done, you can save the track to “Public Doodles” so everyone can enjoy your track. You can save the track to your personal folder, so you can come back later and make changes, or you can send your tune to Facebook and show all of your friends! 

   When the new changes are complete you will be able to chat with the LoopDoodle community and see what other  Doodlers have been up to, and share your own! For more news to come, follow our blog, or like us on Facebook.


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