Don Carlos, Erroll Dunkley crucial 12″ mixes

Midnight Raver

Here are a couple of 12″ vinyl singles from my collection.

First up we have Ervin Spencer AKA Donovan “Don” Carlos with the phenomenal “Black History” 12″ on Delroy Wright’s Washington, DC-based Live & Learn label.  As Don related to me in our 2012 interview, he moved to DC for several years in the mid-1980s in order to work with Delroy Wright, Doctor Dread, and Jim Fox.  Check the never-before-seen photos of Don hanging with Englishman and a young Squidly Cole (former Carlos drummer) before a performance on the DC mall – late 1980s (from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives).  Massive tune…Rare 12″ mix…





Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.14.25 AM

Next we have a killer 12″ from Erroll Dunkley on the Black Roots label.  “Betcha By Golly Wow” was made famous by The Stylistics, a soul group from Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1972.  I never get tired of this tune, especially when sung by someone…

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