Want to discover new music?

It is sad to say, but sometimes I get bored with my old music. I used to use Pandora to discover new music because it’s free, but there are so many other  free alternatives! Below is a short list of places to find your new favorite song!

Tune Glue

Just type an artist that you like and Tune Glue gives you six similar artists to start out with, the more you explore the more artists you find!


This page is a lot like Tune Glue except instead of starting out with six similar artists Music-Map shows all of the similar artists they have at once.

Music Roamer

This site is different from Tune Glue and Music-Map because instead of only showing only similar artists, it also shows similar songs! Also, you can listen to them right off Music Roamer. But, be warned: it uses youtube videos that are sometimes the live versions of the songs.

There are MANY more websites that can show you new music, just read this article and you are on your way to your new favorite artist!


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