You can get paid to listen to music!

You can get paid to listen to music!

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The link above takes you to an article that shows some great places to get paid to listen to music. I don’t know about you, but that would be my dream job! I am going to summarize the article, but if you want to know more just follow the link above!

Slice The Pie

you can get paid in Paypal cash to listen to music and write small reviews. Depending on the review you can earn between $0.02 and $0.20.

Click to sign up!


This one pays you in cash. You upload tracks that you like so they can match you to music that you may like. After that you will be invited via email to listen to new songs and rate them. The more songs you rate the more you get invites and thus get paid. The article says that the minimum per song is about $0.05.

Click to try it out!


You go through and listen to music and write reviews. They pay you in vouchers so it’s not real cash, but hey, if you can’t find what you want on Amazon you don’t need it!

Click to got to SongPeople!

Remember if you want more information just go to

Also, try out, where you can make your own music and earn achievements!


4 thoughts on “You can get paid to listen to music!


  2. I just recently joined it’s Great and 100% legit all you basically will be doing is reviewing Bands and songs and giving your input on how the song sounds if it is worthy of commercial airplay on the radio etc. but you have to be honest and do a lengthy review but it’s easy and it pays you for your efforts check it out for yourself and try it hey it’s Free to sign up and join just click the link below and get started today >


  3. Here is another legit Music program that gives you the opportunity to review Bands and listen to music and in exchange you get rewarded for your efforts and they pay you for each song that you are assigned to and it’s Free to join and participate and get paid >

    ”This program is called MusicXRAY”


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