4 Quality Headphones for Under $300


AKG K-701

Pros: Good looking cans, pristine sound, and top quality comfort.

Cons: Takes a while to break in, and mids are a bit lacking.

Details: 2 year warranty, ear pads are replaceable, online price is $260, but you can probably find them cheaper with a different dealers.


Sennheiser HD-598

Pros: 10 out of 10 sound quality, comfortable for long use, great midrange reproduction, circumaural design.

Cons: No carrying case, not the best looking headphones, no cover or flight adapter with the product (sold separately)

Details: A bit closer to the price limit of this article, these headphones can be found online for around $250. However these headphones can easily go on a Best Headphones Under $500 list. The sound is quality is amazingly good and they are very padded and let air flow so sweating is reduced to a minimum. The only drawback is that they kind of look like the interior of an old sedan. But hey, looks don’t really matter. Right?


Grand Prestige Series SR80i

Pros: One of the most critically acclaimed open back headphones on the market, especially for the price. Very natural detailed sound. Very good quality compared to earlier models.

Cons: Can become uncomfortable after long wear. Style is retro, this could be a pro depending on your taste. Open back headphones.

Details: Handmade in Brooklyn. The style is retro with open back, so they may not be for the on-the-go listener. Price is $99 online.


Sony Pro MDR-7506

Pros: Great for on-the-go listeners. Very high quality for the price.

Cons: Can become uncomfortable after long use. The cans deteriorate after a year or two.

Details: If you are on a budget the Sony Pro MDR-7506 are THE go-to headphones. Closed back design (if you don’t want to leak sound on the subway). These headphones are sturdy and they give you a great bang for your buck at $85

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