Top websites to watch movies and TV on for free!


HD experience for all of the movies that are offered. Also offers 18+ movies for your viewing pleasure!

icemovies has been around sing 2006, and is a veteran in the movie streaming world. They offer links to over 2.4 million individual movies. There is no sign up and the website is completely free.



Movie Scout gives detailed descriptions and reviews about all of the movies on the website, and it provides links to where you can watch them online for free!


Los Movies

This site is different because it does not redirect you to other websites to watch the movie. Also you can use this site on devices other than your PC like an iPad, iPhone, or Android.

los movies


This site started in 2008 and is updated regularly to include new releases. This site is free and there is no sign up.


B Movies

This site has all of the great B movies on one site. The large movie collections includes genres like horror, kung-fu, Sci-fi and Western.

los movies

For a longer list please go to –> <– and enjoy!

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