Just listening to some house

Just listening to some house

What are you listening to?


Rap God by Eggminem

This is way too funny!

Loop Doodle IS BRAND NEW!!

Loop Doodle IS BRAND NEW!!

Check out our brand new LoopDoodle! Tom the Loop Llama, the newest addition to the LoopDoodle family, would love to give you an Early Adopter Achievement! It is only available for a short time so HURRY! Plus Tom said he wants to meet you, he told us so!

Thunderstruck played on flaming bagpipes!

Street performer plays AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ on flaming bagpipes #epicwin

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

Recently, the UK government passed The Digital Economy Act which included many, perhaps draconian, measures to combat online music piracy (including withdrawing broadband access for persistent pirates).

Much was proclaimed about how these new laws would protect musicians and artists revenue and livelihoods.

But how much money do musicians really get paid in this new digital marketplace?

A Whole New LoopDoodle!


Hello my loyal Doodlers! 

   We are excited to announce our brand new site! It has more new features than I am able to put in one blog, so follow me and I will keep you updated! Changes are coming, and we are very excited! 

A couple of the changes are:

1. You can receive Llama badges for playing around on http://www.LoopDoodle.com

2. You can edit other Doodler’s mixes (and possibly get achievements)

3. You can chat with Doodler’s to help with your mixes and follow whoever you want from our newsfeed! 

Stay updated by following LoopDoodle here or by liking us on Facebook

Are you the next big DJ?

Are you the next big DJ?

Try www.loopdoodle.com and find out! Let us know what you think! Updates coming soon!