Just listening to some house

Just listening to some house

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Are you the next big DJ?

Are you the next big DJ?

Try www.loopdoodle.com and find out! Let us know what you think! Updates coming soon!

Waiting for your next big break?

Waiting for your next big break?

Try www.loopdoodle.com, it’s an easy way to mix tracks and share them with everyone!



LoopDoodle is a free online music mixer. You can compose and share your music, your way! 

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We are in the process of turning LoopDoodle into a game. Any suggestions? Go to www.loopdoodle.com and tell us what you think we should do! Also, new changes are going to be updated by the end of the week!

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New LoopDoodle around the bend!

Hello Doodlers!

We have been talking about the changes that are happening here, and they will be released on Friday! So if you want to see what LoopDoodle is like before the revamp check it out now! www.loopdoodle.com

The changes will include: a new look, a chat feature, a news feed, and much more! We will post to here and to our Facebook page as SOON as the changes are in place, so hold your breath!

5 of the Fastest-Rising Spinners of 2014

LoopDoodle has come across a list of the fasting growing DJ’s of 2013. Following is a list of the great rising stars of 2013, they are less known than their predecessors, but their talent is undeniable. Enjoy. 


  • Known for his top notch remixes, Aylen is overwhelming the jersey scene with his addictive tracks. 'The Remixtape' is his newest album full of his most popular remixes, it is available at http://www.aylenofficial.com/.


  • This Los Angeles native was tutored by DJ AM, and has played his remixes and his own tunes at the top clubs in LA and even at Miami Ultra Music Festival. This DJ was predestined for greatness and has proven himself worthy of the praise.


  • This dynamic duo creates a distinct sound that is in your face and best of all, LOUD. They remix every genre they can, crying out "Death to Genres"! Their sometimes tropical vibe is clearly a leading sensation, capturing the attention of music lovers from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

Ruben Keeney

  • This up and coming mixer is one to watch, partly because of his music and partly because of his age. At the age of 12 he played his music for his first crowd, and that was just the beginning. He is one of the fastest rising DJ's in Ireland, and soon will take on the rest of the musical world.   


  • Hailing from Long Beach, CA, they remix songs with heavy bass lines and lots of energy. With the release of their debut EP, they began gaining recognition from coast to coast. Since then they have released more remixes and have steadily gained popularity.