‘Bring your music back to the future: Turn your MP3s into vinyls



The Vinylrecorder T-560 was shown at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX this year. This product can take your MP3s or other audio and turn them into vinyl records. The website can show you anything you would need to know, plus they have a ‘contact us’ section where you can ask questions that might not be there.

Go to: http://www.vinylrecorder.com/ to find out more




Just listening to some house

Just listening to some house

What are you listening to?

New LoopDoodle around the bend!

Hello Doodlers!

We have been talking about the changes that are happening here, and they will be released on Friday! So if you want to see what LoopDoodle is like before the revamp check it out now! www.loopdoodle.com

The changes will include: a new look, a chat feature, a news feed, and much more! We will post to here and to our Facebook page as SOON as the changes are in place, so hold your breath!

Answer our Poll!

If your answer is yes, go to http://www.loopdoodle.com and try out a user friendly music mixer for free! Tell us what you think, and any changes that you think we should make! We really value any input that you may have! be safe and Doodle On!

We are OFFICIALLY up and running!

We are OFFICIALLY up and running!

Hey music lovers! LoopDoodle is up and running, however we are new at this and would love some feedback from nice users like yourself. Just go to http://www.loopdoodle.com and try it out for free!