What’s the meaning behind that song? 3 Famous songs and the events that inspired them

Stan: Eminem

The song, Stan, by Eminem, was inspired by the death of Eminem’s uncle, Ronnie Nelson, who committed suicide in 1992.

Eminem’s uncle Ronnie was actually only 6 weeks older than him. The pair were the best of friends; it was Ronnie who introduced Eminem to rap for the first time when they were both 11.

Ronnie committed suicide after being rejected by a girl he liked. This event probably fueled the anger toward women, which is found in Eminem’s early songs.


Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana

Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of the group Bikini Kill, spray painted “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his bedroom wall one night, after a night of partying. Kurt Hanna’s words actually referred to Teen Spirit deodorant. 

Six months after this, Cobain called Hanna and asked her, if he could use her words for a song. He thought that 
Hanna was complimenting him, on being a rebellious spirit, who could inspire youth. 

Various Songs: Taylor Swift

  • The song, Tim McGraw, came about when an ex-boyfriend named Brandon Borello ended their relationship because he had to go to college.

  • The song Picture to Burn, was about an unnamed ex-boyfriend, who would not let Ms Swift, drive his pick-up truck. Since then, she has decided he is a redneck.

  • Teardrops on My Guitar, was about a boy she fancied from afarWhen he found out that Talyor Swift was singing about him, he went to her house and asked her out. She said “no”. Women: so mercurial!

  • Ms Swift wrote a few songs about Joe Jonas, who was most ungentlemanly and broke up with her over the phone. One song was called forever & Always and another, Last Kiss.

  • Quite a few of her songs are about actorJake Gyllenhaal, who supposedly spent $160,000 to have Ms Swift flown to a date, on a private jet. These include: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, State of Grace, All Too Well, Girl at Home. Forget him girl!

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